2021 Titles

Four All at Sea

by Sophie Masson and Cheryl Orsini

Published by Christmas Press, September 2021

ISBN: 9780648815419

72 pages, RRP $13.99, trim size 190×140 mm

For readers 5-8

After the adventures of Four on the Run, Maxie, Lady, Flash and Fergie are set for a new life as film stars and a luxury cruise overseas. But when they are washed overboard in a storm and land on a desert island, it seems their troubles are only just beginning! Because somebody else is there–someone who is not very friendly—a rusty old tank that thinks there’s still a war on! They need to escape from the island and get back to their ship and a very worried Mrs Brown. …but how?

From two acclaimed creators comes the lively, funny sequel to the popular Four on the Run, about four friends who just happen to be machines.

Fil and Harry

By Jenny Blackford

Illustrated by Kristin Devine

ISBN: 9780648815402,

RRP: $15.99

Published by Christmas Press, May 2021

Fil always suspected that her cat Harry could talk if he really tried. Sometimes she even dreamed about it. But it was still a shock when he did start talking, on the worst afternoon of her life – or one of them. She seemed to be having a lot of them lately.

Her friend Kirsten had ignored her all day at school, again, after spending the weekend at her place. Harry told her that her friend Kirsten was “selfishness personified”, and maybe he was right.

Things got worse after that. Grandma painted Fil’s older brother’s bedroom walls black, escalating tensions with Fil and Stephen’s stepmother Elspeth, who tried far too hard. And Kirsten soon showed her true colours, making Fil’s life even more difficult…

Harry was the only one in the family who knew the way out of the tangle.

Fresh, lively junior fiction by acclaimed author, Jenny Blackford, winner of the 2020 Davitt Award for Best Children’s Crime Novel, with fabulous pictures by emerging illustrator Kristin Devine, winner of the 2019 New England Illustration prize.

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Charlie Chaplin: The Usual Suspect

by Phoebe McArthur

ISBN 9780648815440

RRP: $17.99

Published by Eagle Books, an imprint of Christmas Press, July 2021

Charlotte Chaplin is a city girl. She’s cool and stylish and her best friend is the Prime Minister’s daughter. Her life is perfect.

That is until her parents get divorced and Charlie is dragged to the sleepy town of Gulgong in the middle of nowhere. 

There’s nothing to do — or so Charlie thinks. Things start to heat up when she makes an unlikely friend: Ruby, the daughter of a man wanted for burglary.

Charlie and Ruby, with a little technological aid and some friends in high places, must catch the real thief and clear Ruby’s dad’s name before he’s sent to gaol.

A lively, fast-paced mystery with vivid characters and an atmospheric country town setting.