February 15, 2018

We are very pleased to announce that we’ll be starting a new chapter-book list this year, for young readers 6-9 years old. We’ll be launching the list in October, and we’ll be making announcements about acquisitions for it over the next few months.

Today we are delighted to reveal that we have acquired talented new author Rebecca Fung’s first book, Princess Hayley’s Comet. It’s a magical, lively, funny story about a young princess who knows just what she wants: and sets about getting it in her own determined way! To be illustrated by the fabulous Kathy Creamer, it will be perfect both for young readers to enjoy on their own, or for read-aloud family sharing. Rebecca’s engaging and distinctive work will be known to Christmas Press readers as she’s had stories published in our Christmas anthologies, and we are delighted that we’ve been given the opportunity to publish her first book. We predict a long career ahead for her, and many enthusiastic readers!

You can read more about the book and the author and illustrator on our Chapter book page.

February 5, 2018

We are very pleased to announce that after a recent submissions period, we have selected the illustrators who will create the pictures for our 2018 Christmas-themed anthology, A Miniature Christmas, which will come out in November this year.

The book features a line-up of twelve fabulous authors, both established and new, whom we invited to create stories set around miniature worlds at Christmas: Juliet Marillier, Natalie Jane Prior, George Ivanoff, Oliver Phommavanh, Stephanie Smee, Pamela Freeman, Ian Irvine, Dianne Bates, Kathy Creamer(author-illustrator), Stephen Hart, Michael Grey, and Rebecca Fung.

And illustrating their stories will be the following fantastic illustrators:

Amy Golbach, Siobhan McVey, Sandra Severgnini, Sally Heinrich, Jennifer Polan, Amy Bogard, Simone Hale, and Penelope Pratley.

Congratulations to all the successful illustrators, and thank you to everyone who submitted to us!

Do check out the illustrators’ websites, hyperlinked to their names above.