Chapter books and junior fiction

Our chapter book/junior fiction list, for readers 4-9 years old, was launched in November 2018. On this page you’ll find information about the fabulous books, authors and illustrators who are part of a great line-up!

New for 2020

Four on the Run

Written by Sophie Masson, illustrated by Cheryl Orsini

Publication date: 1 September 2020

RRP $13.99
ISBN 9780648194576
72 pages

Maxie, Fergie, Flash and Lady are good friends who live in Mrs Brown’s farm shed. Life isn’t exciting, but they’re happy. Until the day they learn that Mrs Brown wants to sell them–to the scrap yard! So they decide to run away, and life suddenly becomes very exciting for the four lovable machines in a series of adventures that puts them in more trouble than they ever imagined!

Written by award-winning author Sophie Masson, with lively, appealing pictures by acclaimed illustrator Cheryl Orsini, Four On the Run is a fresh, funny and original chapter book which is great fun both for reading aloud and for young readers to read by themselves. First in a planned series!

You can find a fabulous downloadable activity pack for Four on the Run here.

And an excellent virtual launch here, with four great videos to watch at any time!

About the author

Born in Indonesia of French parents, and brought up in France and Australia, Sophie Masson AM is
the award-winning and internationally- published author of over 70 books for children, young
adults and adults, from picture books to novels. Her website is at





About the illustrator
Cheryl Orsini has illustrated over 20 picture books, including Caravan Fran, The Tales of Mrs
Mancini, and The ABC Book of Cars, Trains, Boats and Planes. Her illustrations have also appeared
in anthologies including A Boat of Stars and she has also illustrated for magazines. Her website is at


Coming in 2021…

Robin’s Destiny

A junior fiction novel

By Beattie Alvarez, Illustrated by David Allan

Publication date: May 2021

ISBN: 9780648194569

Trim size: 190×128 mm, approx. 120 pages, RRP $15.99

About the book:

Michael Robins has a new game. It’s cool. It’s retro. It has bows and arrows, an evil king and something that he can see out of the corner of his eye.

A chance glitch and a child’s sticky fingers finds Michael and his friends sucked inside the computer where the game is reality and The Master is about to reset the program.

Time is running out. Complete the levels or be deleted.

With an unusual setting in a retro video game, great pace, and vivid characters, this is a gripping page-turner for readers aged 7-10.

About the author:

The most important thing about Beattie Alvarez is that she’s a reader. She reads while she cooks, eats and showers, but NOT in bed. This is mainly due to the fact that she can’t put the book down — just one more chapter, and one after that and one after that until the book is finished and the sun is rising. Her interests in reading and writing haven’t changed much in the last twenty years. Cosy picture books, YA, fantasy (the younger end normally, not so much high fantasy) and a few murder mysteries line her bookshelves, bedside tables and handbag.

When she’s not reading, she’s a writer, illustrator, editor, graphic designer, toy shop owner and dragon maker. She has over half a dozen books with her name on the cover as an editor and author, is half of the up-and-coming author Phoebe McArthur and has had several short stories published in various places.

About the illustrator:

David Allan is an illustrator and artist whose first picture book, Two Trickster Tales from Russia (retold by Sophie Masson) was published by Christmas Press in 2013. Since then, he has illustrated other picture books, as well as short story anthologies, a chapterbook, and storybooks for reading programs. His work is in private and public collections, and he has participated in solo and group exhibitions.




Petal and the Really Hard Riddle

By Kathryn England

Cover and internal illustrations by David Allan

Publication date: August 2019

ISBN 9780648194545

RRP $13.99, Paperback, 72 pages, Trim size: 190mmx140 mm.

About the book:

Petal’s father likes to boast about his daughter. According to him she can do anything. One day, a particularly over-the-top boast about her spinning skill makes its way across the land into the King’s ear and Petal is brought to the palace. The King orders Petal to demonstrate her skill. With no hope of doing what her father says she can do, Petal agrees to a deal offered by a tricky old man who will carry out the task if she can answer a really hard riddle. But surely it can’t be that hard, can it?

A lively, funny take on Rumpeltstiltskin.

About the author:

Kathryn England lives in Penrith in Sydney’s outer west. She has been a secretary, part owner of a milk run, farm hand and sales rep for a book supply company. She has had a number of children’s books published ranging from picture books and easy reads to chapter books, novels and non-fiction. Other stories and articles have appeared in children’s magazines here and overseas. Some of her stories come from her imagination while others are based on fact.

About the illustrator:

David Allan is an illustrator and artist whose first picture book, Two Trickster Tales from Russia(retold by Sophie Masson) was published by Christmas Press in 2013. Since then, he has illustrated three other acclaimed picture books for Christmas Press: Two Tales of Twins from Ancient Greece and Rome(retold by Ursula Dubosarsky, 2014); Two Tengu Tales from Japan(retold by Duncan Ball, 2015) and Two Enchanted Tales from Old China(retold by Gabrielle Wang, 2017). He has also illustrated short story anthologies, including The Stuff of Tales, published by Arts North West in 2018, and several Christmas Press anthologies, as well as storybooks for reading programs. His work is in private and public collections, and he has participated in solo and group exhibitions.


You can read a review of Petal and the Really Hard Riddle here.



Lucy Newton, Little Witch

Written and illustrated by Phoebe McArthur

ISBN 9780648194507

Publication date: November 2018

RRP $13.99,  Paperback, 72 pages, Trim size: 190mmx140 mm




Lucy’s mum is always busy, going to this meeting and that, leaving Lucy alone in their old house with one strict rule: NO MAGIC.

Lucy doesn’t mean to conjure the giant green slug. She only wanted a friendly kitten to keep her company.

Now, with the help of a talking spellbook and a grumpy cat called Thomas, she must race to get rid of the slug before it eats the prized cabbage garden of the witch next door — and before her mum gets home.

A lively,  entertaining story for young readers.


Read a review here.

About the author:

Phoebe McArthur lives in a run-down, yet cosy cottage in the middle of nowhere.

She’s not at all lonely thanks to her four cats, three chooks, two guinea pigs and her extensive library.

If she’s not tipping cats off her lap as she writes stories, she’s cooking all sorts of yummy food, such as scones with extra cream and homemade blackberry jam, or doing art at the table near the window, which has the best view of her garden.

Lucy Newton, Little Witch is her first book.




Princess Hayley’s Comet 

By Rebecca Fung

Cover and internal illustrations by Kathy Creamer

ISBN: 9780994528070

Published November 2018.

RRP $13.99, paperback, 72 pages, Trim size: 190mmx140 mm


Princess Hayley has everything a princess could want … except a comet. It’s her only birthday wish. Comets are so sparkly and they shoot through the sky so fast – who wouldn’t want one? But then Hayley realises the only way she’s going to get her wish is to catch a comet for herself. Joined by the very best friends a princess could have, Hayley aims to build the biggest and best – the only – comet-catcher in the world and make sure her birthday dream comes true!

A magical, funny story for young readers by a talented new author.

Read a review here.

About the author:

Rebecca Fung works and lives in Sydney, Australia. She loves to write children’s fiction and several of those stories have been published in Christmas Press anthologies Once Upon a Christmas, A Toy Christmas and A Christmas Menagerie. She likes owls, mandarins and chocolates, and she is often found curled up on the sofa with her face in a book.

Princess Hayley’s Comet is her first book.

Rebecca Fung, pic by Gildus Lam

About the illustrator:

Kathy Creamer is a children’s illustrator and writer who has been published by Oxford University Press, Reed International, Christmas Press and Second Look. Kathy has been illustrating children’s books for a number of years. She has a Master of Arts degree in Children’s Book Illustration from the Cambridge

School of Art at Anglia Ruskin University in England, where she attended lectures given by many prominent illustrators, such as Quentin Blake, James Mayhew, John Lawrence and Martin Salisbury. She works mainly with watercolour, colour pencil, ink and wash. She has a varied style, and enjoys creating humour and movement in her images. Her website is at Her work can also be seen at

Kathy Creamer