Teachers’ Notes and Activity Packs

Here you’ll find some great teachers’ notes and activity packs. Free download, just click the links below for each separate title. Please note that though these resource notes are free to use by individual readers and in schools and libraries, they remain the property of Christmas Press, all material is copyright, and cannot be sold or extracted without permission.

Chapter books and junior fiction:

Four on the Run: The fabulous fully illustrated activity pack includes background information from the author and illustrator about how they created the book, discussion and research activities, creative writing and art activities, and colouring in pages. The colouring in pages are also available as a separate PDF. You can find them here or just click on the links below.

Four on the Run Activity Pack Christmas Press

four on the run colouring in pages


Two Tales series:

Two Trickster Tales from Russia Teachers’ notes

Two Selkie Stories from Scotland Teachers’ notes

Two Tales of Twins Teachers’ Notes

Two Fearsome Fairy Tales teachers’ notes

Two Tengu Tales Teachers Notes

Two Tales of Brothers Teachers Notes



A Very Special Moon Mission Teachers’ Notes

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